About the CLMC

Welcome to the website of the Construction Labor-Management Council of Greater Wisconsin Inc. The CLMC was created in 1990 as a joint effort between building trades unions and contractors to promote a better construction industry.

The mission of the CLMC is three-fold. First, we use modern marketing strategies to promote union construction. Second, we advocate for a more diversified and highly qualified workforce and third, we promote apprenticeship in the construction trades.

Union contractors, working with their employees, provide the highest quality in the construction industry. Most major new construction in this area is built with union labor. The reason is simple. We build better buildings with the most productive, best trained workers in the industry at a cost that competes with anyone.

The contractors and labor unions affiliated with the CLMC are committed to promoting a diverse and highly qualified workforce. We believe that employees in the construction industry should mirror the public at large. We are trying hard to do just that.

Finally, the CLMC promotes apprenticeship in the workplace. It is through apprenticeship that the construction industry has built the most highly qualified workforce in the world. We work through our member trade unions to make sure that people who want to consider a career in the trades have that opportunity through apprenticeship. Apprentices learn while they earn. It is a system that has worked well for centuries.

Please take the time to check out our website. Once you have finished, you will see why the partnership between management and labor in the construction industry is strong and getting stronger.
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Michael Engelberger
Executive Director



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Michael Engelberger
Michael Engelberger Executive Director